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ugust 10-14, 2016
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Within 5 days of the festival there will be about 100 events. At the festival will be about 50 Russian and foreign (France, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania) masters.

We would like to present the detailed program of the festival to you.

Schedule for the day will be published at the end of July.

The program of the jubilee festival "FOTOPARAD Uglich" includes several sections. The main sections are three: art photography (curator Nadezhda Sheremetova), documentary photography (curated by Artem Berkovich) and travel photography (curator Alexander Tyagny-Ryadno).

Nadezhda Sheremetova, the curator of art section, is one of the founders of Cultural and Informational Projects called FotoDepartament in Saint-Petersburg. It focuses on contemporary photography. Its slogan is: we are looking for photography that allows seeing the world from a different perspective.

The curator´s approach to the art photography is experimental. It sets new accents on the process of photography as an artistic and social phenomenon, as well as on the educational process, which is an important part of the festival program.

As a curator, Nadezhda invited Salvatore Vitale to take part in the art section. Salvatore is co-organizer and editor of YET Magazine, a photo magazine, issued in Switzerland. The magazine represents photographs of both famous and young artists, as well as deep analyzes of the evolution of photography with a particular eye to the modern directions. Salvatore will hold a master class*, and a lecture on topical issues of the photography.

Another lector of the art section is Christophe Kandrovich, one of the founders of the Lodz Photography Festiva (Poland). He will talk about history of photography as a medium, that is, as one of the means in the system of arts.

Also such Russian photographers as: Anastasia Bogomolov, Zadorozhnaya Irina, Olga Davydova, Xenia Yurkova will take part at the section. They are from different Russian cities. Each of them represents contemporary Russian photography.

The curator of travel section is Alexander Tyagny-row. He dealt with newspaper and magazine photojournalist at soviet time, then worked in advertising and exhibition photography. For the last few years he is engaged in travel-photo, as a photographer, a teacher, and as a blogger. In Uglich, he will show his anniversary retrospective exhibition called "Photography - lifestyle - Photo".

This year in the Festival will take part three French photographers: Alexander Sattler, ambassador of the Manfrotto. In his lecture he will talk about work experience with travel-editions. The food Photographer Rebecca Marshall will hold a master class in food photograph using Uglich natural products. Photographer Eric Pillot will present his work called In Situ.

Co-organizer the section Russian festival of nature photography called The Pristine Russia. It will show the photoexhibition of the most spectacular places in Russia.

Also such Russian photographers as: Tofik Shahverdiyev, Michael Geller will take part at the section.

Documentary photography and photojournalism deals with man and society, taken together. Therefore, lecture program and an exhibition as part of the documentary section will affect the topical and current issues.

Subject of documentary direction "Fotoparada-2016" - "Patriotism knows no boundaries." This militarization of consciousness, perception of the war as a show and, at the same time, as the war trauma, power discourse built on patriotism.

Festival Dates practically coincide with the quarter-century anniversary of the events of August 1991 - the date of the symbolic for our state, just as important, how and October 1917. Twenty-five years ago, ended the Soviet period in the history of our country, but the "Soviet" is not dead, and mutated into new orthodox and "patriotic" form. Our society has acquired a veneer of bourgeois, changed the red flags to banners, but remained the same in terms of identity, basic values, self-understanding in a globalized world. Because it makes sense to compare not only different generations of photographers, but also different historical periods, so that the pictures rhymed with each other.

Curator Artem Berkovich authors present the different generations,

Within the areas of documentary photography curator Artem Berkovich will present three generations of Russian documentary photographers Valeria Shekoldina, Michael Dashevskiy, Oleg Klimov, Denis Tarasov, Julia Abzaltinovu. They all work with different techniques in documentary photography.

In addition to the main program there will be a special project "Lithuanian School of Photography" (curator Victoria Musvik).

Every year classics of russian photography visit Fotoparade as special guests. This year we are expecting Vladimir Vyatkin, Alexander Kitaev, Georgiy Pinkhasov and others to arrive in Uglitch.

This year our guests will have a chance to buy interesting books, to meet with authors and visit presentions of new photo books. A bookstore of St.Petersburg Academy of photography Fotografica will be our partner.

There are many discussions in our program this year. We will also talk about russian photographic education. Every evening a nice event called Photo-tea (curator Elena Firsova) will take place. We will drink russian tea and discuss various topics concerning photography in a friendly atmosphere.

Droniphotography will be presented as well: there will be a drono-party, Pilots school and a contest of dronophotography.

Our traditional portfolio review (curator Ekaterina Novikova) this year will change a little: after private meetings with reviews our guests will have a chance to participate in the open portfolio review. Stenin international photo contest is a partner of portfolio review.

Every evening we will have night screenings in the main Uglitch square. We will show our guests multimedia, photoprojects from our photo contest and films. (Curator - Natalia Platonova).

Saturday will traditionally end with a Photographers´ night and Photo exchange. Winners of our photo contest will be announced on Sunday, 14 august. Our general partner Olympus, Manfrotto, This is Caucas website, our strategic partner TheArtNewsPaper provide presents for our winners.

In addition to the main festival´s program curator Viktoria Musvik will show her special project Lithuanian school of photography.

Curator of multomedia projects Natalia platonova will show us a large program of evening screenings and lections.

Curator of Photo-tea project Elena Firsova will talk about actual problems of russian photography.

We will have presentations, meeting with authors organized by Fotografica Academy bookstore.

Photographers using drons will have a chance to participate in a special contest, Pilots school and visit Dronoparty.

Portfolio review (curator Ekaterina Novikova) will also change a little this year: it will be dived into two parts private meetings with reviewers and open portfolio.

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