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The IVth Annual Photo Contest "Point on the map. Small towns"

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01.03.201621.06.201615.08.2016 Competition is finished


Single photos
Photo series
Art project

Information about photo competition

The IVth Annual photo contest "Point on the map. Small towns" is announced within the Xth International Festival of Photography "Photoparade in Ouglich". The contest is dedicated to the theme of small towns and villages. The photos and photo projects for the contest are accepted from  March, 1st  till June,10 2016. 

I live in a small town and I am fond of living in it,

that the small town may not be made yet smaller

by the absence of even one inhabitant. 


The objectives of the contest: the photos, photo stories, art- and media photo projects submitted to the contest are to show small towns and villages as the they are trying to keep the local flavor and way of life, their identity in the conditions of total globalization. 

In 2016, the emphasis is on the story of the small town / village, especially through the personal stories of local inhabitants. The task is to tell through the image about people and local communities, whose creativity makes a small area significant in the scale of the country and the World, who retain local crafts and traditions, historical heritage of small settlements, their original atmosphere.

Conditions of the contest

One can submit separate photo images or photo projects of the small towns and villages, made in 2015-2016.  The photos are considered in four nominations:

  • "A single photo"
  • "Documentary Project"
  • "Art Project"
  • "Multimedia project"

The photos and photo projects can be submitted as by individual photographers as by creative teams (with the obligatory indication of all the participants). The citizen of any country can participate. Each author has the right to participate in one or more nominations. 

All photos must be taken efficiently and contain a visual story in the form of documentary, artistic or documentary and artistic expression about the inhabitants, new issues and the environment of small towns of the World. The photos should touch upon various aspects of town life. This can be a photo, photo series or Picture Story, a conceptual art project or multimedia story about a town (location in town) one person or group of inhabitants, town phenomenon, town problem or event.

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