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ugust 07-11, 2019
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Photofestival 2012

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Showy appearance

Citizens of Uglich are quite experienced. They are not surprised at scores of people with cameras in the squares, railway stations, parks and childs play areas in high summer. They are not surprised at people who are running, roving, squatting or, on the contrary, trying to climb up, asking people passing by to get into the way of things and to pose.Its enough to make ones brain reel. But such atmosphere is normal for Uglich: for the sixth time they hospitably receive photographers participants of annualPhotoparade in Uglich - from more than 20 Russian cities.

Traditionally, photofestival is an excellent possibility to communicate with persons holding the same views, to obtain experience, to practice hobby, to show ones own achievements and to derive inspiration from achievements of other participants.To offer participants such opportunity,organizers need to cope with three tasks: to tell about working principles, to lead the way and to involve in the process.


Such famous photographers as Vladimir Vyatkin, Igor Gavrilov, AlexandrDzhus, VictoriyaIvleva, AlexandrKitayev, AlexandrLyskin, SergeyMaksimishin arrived at the festival that year to share experience and wisdom with participants during numerous seminars. Among photo art stars, editor of the multimedia brunch Russian Newsman Online (also the founder of the internet project Photopolygon) ArtemChernov and organizer of the International Culture Project RussPressPhoto VasiliyPrudnikovbecame speakers of the festival. During seminars they discussed future development of modern photojournalism, significance of feelings and emotions in photographic learning the world, the history of pictorial photography, still-life typology, photograms, creation of multimedia projects and personal photosites, and also making of portfolio for participation in photo competitions and creation of author´s photobook. Individual portfolio-review became a pleasant addition to theoretical learning: after a conversation with master each participant could show him his works and hear expert opinion, advice and recommendations. The holder of the best portfolio was permitted to show general audience his works at one of the exhibit spaces in Uglich during the next festival.


Numerous photo shows, which during the festival were taking up the best exhibit spaces in the town, inspired participants. Trip through radioactive desert with press photographer of Assotiated Press Sergey Ponomarev, travel notes from Havana from street photographer AndreyGordasevich (the author of our regular column Frame Philosophy), collection of best works ofphotodocumentalist Igor Gavrilov called Fragments and recognition of classics of national photojournalism photos of Soviet and Russian winners of World Press Photo of 1955-2012.

And in the evenings, after rich in the events day, participants were entertaining themselves with the viewing of best photos and photoprojects of leading agencies, funds, publications, respected masters and young actors, selected by picture editor NataliyaUdartseva.


Practical part is always the most fascinating. That time, the theme of traditional two-day speed photo competition (which was held during the festival and concluded by exhibition and choice of winners at the final day) was Children in the city. Participants of Photoparade" had to look for young citizens of Uglich on the streets and not to frighten their parents with unexpected and careful attention of paparazzi.

Participants didnt have time to drink a tea because of numerous workshops: genre and street photo workshop, ambotropia (creation of print on sheet glass) workshop, shooting of models in costumes against decorations. And tea, of course, cant be compared with paraplane flight and with the possibility to apply knowledge, acquired during the aerophotography workshop,shooting the beauty of ancient Russian town at a height.

So, Photoparade in Uglich managed to collect thousands of photo pleasures in one place, and not only stir up enthusiasm of participants, but also infect all the town with this noble virus.

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