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Photofestival 2007

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Within the framework of 1070 anniversary of Uglich, Uglich a face of Russian province, an interregional photofestival took place from 12 to 15 July. 75 photographers of different level of excellence, amateurs and professionals known all over the world took part in this festival. The age of participants varied from 10 to 57 years.

Geographyof Participants:


1. Uglich

2. Moscow

3. Saint-Petersburg

4. Yaroslavl

5. Tver

6. Arkhangelsk

7. Oninsk

8. Kolomna

9. Puschino

10. Kurgan Region

11. Odintsovo

12. Kaluga Region

Festival organizers:

Torism and International Relations Department of the Uglich Municipal District Administration

Unity of Art Photographers of Russia

Fotomassagency, an Agency of Freelance Photographers, city of Obninsk (founder and publisher of FOMAG journal)

Teaching Staff of the festival:

Sergey Borisov, a chief secretary of the Unity of Art Photographers of Russia

VadimGuschin, a director of one of the biggest Photoschools in Moscow

Alexey Nazarov, a member of the Unity of Art Photographers of Russia, editor-in-chief of the FOMAG journal, director of Fotoverschool in Obninsk


A presentation of Family album, a unique exhibition of the Unity of Art Photographers of Russia, devoted to 50 anniversary of Alexander Agafonov (secretary of the Unity of Art Photographers of Russia) took place on the 1st day of the festival. Also there was an exposition of soviet photocameras taken from the private collection of KudryavtsevVyacheslav Nikolayevich. By the way it will be 50 years in 2007 since KudryavtsevVyacheslav Nikolayevich took the camera in his hands for the first time.

There were two flash-contests: Architectural photography and Photostory. The participants had an opportunity to take part in different master-class lessons guided by professional photographers and to show their teachers their portfolios so that they could give them their reviews.

Summing up the results of the festival one can draw the following conclusions. The festival is a great marketing research; it made it possible to see Uglich through the eyes of photographers who got used to notice the details. All works show a fresh and unique photographers view on Uglich. Thats why a photoalbum published by the Citys Day was named Uglich a Face of Russian Province. New Angle, because it contains photographs depicting a provincial spirit of Uglich.

Almost all the photographers (participants of the festival) are published in different magazines, thats why all the photographed moments of Uglich provincial life will be published in many magazines all over the country. A special issue of FOMAG magazine will be devoted to the festival and will contain the works of participants. This issue will be distributed by the aviation companies among Russian and foreign tourists.

A unique photo collection of thousands pictures of Uglich and its neighbourhood, architectural and historical monuments, Uglich citizens will be kept in the city. These photographs will be used in different ads booklets, brochures etc.

The best photographs of the festival will be published in different magazines. Festival organizers prepared for the winners the unique prizes made by master V.N. Kurtmulayev. It is so nice to know that there are photographers from Uglich among the winners.

Grand Prix LobachyovYury, Uglich (1st photograph)

Photostory winner of the 1st category Galunova Diana, Uglich

Photostory winner of the 2d category Perepechina Maria, Moscow

Architectural photography winner of the 1st category FenyovaAglaya, Vladimir

Architectural photography winner of the 2st category Mikhaylov Boris, Tver

FOMAG magazine special prize winner Ukhanov Alexander, Yaroslavl

Sergey Borisov Special Prize winner Alexey Shumov, Uglich (15 years old)


Peoples Choice prize winners:

Krylov Vladimir, Tver

Romanova Lyubov, Uglich

Maximova Alexandra, Uglich

Dyatlova Irina, Obninsk

Yulia Chens, Obninsk


An exhibition of the best works of festival participants was opened on July 21 in the Russian Crafts museum at the address city of Uglich, Rostovskaya Str., 13 (central square). We are glad to see Uglich citizens and citys guests at the exhibition. This exhibition will be closed on August 31, 2007.

So, the festival was quite successful in the view of organization and content. Participants reviews are the best proof of it.

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