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Uglich is one of the most famous and ancient cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. It was founded in 937, more than two centuries earlier than Moscow. Two dynasties of Russian tsars have united in Uglich: the last of Ruriks, tsarevich Dmitry, son of Ivan the Terrible, died there which started Troubled Ttimes in Rus.KseniaShestova, a mother of Mikhail, the first tsar of Romanov dynasty, was also born there. The city stands on the picturesque bank of the river Volga and has a very favorable location. It is located only 220 kilometers from Moscow, at the crossing of the modern traffic routes. Favorable location, rich architectural and historical heritage and healing fresh air attract thousands of tourists every year. This makes Uglich a very promising tourist center. Tourist infrastructure has been developing rapidly in recent years: new hotels, unique museum exhibitions, cafes and restaurants are opened there.

The city not only keeps the traditions of Russian hospitality, but constantly forming new suggestions, trying to create for guests an atmosphere of festival, sincere comfort and provincial color.

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